Décoration Murale en Verre Teinté, Applique Murale Européenne De Style Tiffany Rétro avec Abat-Jour De 6 Pouces, Lampe De Chevet, Veilleuse, Appliques pour Chambre À Coucher, EE J

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  • ✿ Stained glass lampshade: the color is artificially fired, not processed and colored, it will not fade, the pattern is simple and natural, the elegant atmosphere is born, the light passes through the colored glass beads, and it instantly becomes softer and warmer. The translucent qualities are gathered and enlarged!
  • ✿ Base: The surface is treated with a decolorized paint to give a strong retro effect. The traces of the years and the sense of history have been quietly integrated into our lives, so that our hearts can not help but calm down and savor.
  • ✿ Baked paint elbow: wrought iron thickened elbow, super load-bearing high temperature baking varnish, no deformation, no fading.
  • ✿ The light source adopts E27 standard 3C certified lamp holder, which is flame-retardant and heat-insulating, safe and energy-saving, easy to replace and longer in service life.
  • ✿ Recommended place: bedroom, study, living room, dining room, bedroom, clubhouse and other commercial places